Christian Inspirational Poems:
Songs from the Ausbund

"O Gott Vater, wir loben Dich und deine GŁte preisen"

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The Ausbund contains about 140 poems or inspirational Christian hymns, totaling more than 800 pages in its final form. It became the most famous worship book for Anabaptists soon after imprisoned Christians began writing it between 1535 and 1540. It was first printed underground as early as 1564 and the Amish have been singing from it (many verses, very slowly) ever since. Though originally used by many Anabaptist and Mennonite congregations, only the Amish use the Ausbund today. American Mennonite groups adopted other German hymnals in the early 19th century, and today most of their hymns come from American or English tunes and poems. The name "Ausbund" means "selection" in German. It is the world's oldest hymnbook still in continous use. More   Recordings and Books

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As translated by Peter Hoover, quoted from his book The Secret of Their Strength, published by Elmendorf Books, Mountain Lake, Minnesota and Rocky Cape, Tasmania
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