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JOOS KINDT, A. D. 1553.


Grace be with you, and peace, from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ; may He comfort and strengthen us with His Holy Spirit, that we may be able to stand against the assaults of the devil, who, as Peter says, walketh about us, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, and resist him with a firm faith. Know then, dear friends, that I have such a conflict against the carnal lords, insomuch that they assail me with their sophistries, seeking to draw me from the obedience of our dear Lord; however, I trust that the Lord will succor me, which I do not doubt; for God, comforting His own, says. through the prophet Isaiah (49:15), "Though a mother forsake her child, yet will I not forsake thee;" which the Lord shows in me in a wonderful manner-let every tongue praise Him. Yea, if I had as much paper as I ever wrote on, and time to write, I could not describe the joy and gladness I experience; yea, my joy is unspeakable.

But N. is sick, and asks that you would diligently entreat the Lord for him; for he is ready to go into the fire, but he cannot resist the enemies of the cross; for they assail him with sophisms, for their teacher, the devil, knows much sophistry, which he showed when he came to tempt our Saviour in the wilderness, as is written in the Gospel. Now, if he employed his sophistry on our Saviour, Z am not cast down, though I have a little of conflict; for, dear friends, they could easily be resisted if they used arguments, but they assail him altogether with lies. Since their father is a liar, as our Saviour also told them, they have the nature of their father, which they partly manifested with regard to me, all of which I cannot communicate to you; but I hope that the Lord will give me so

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much grace that I may write a little about the disputation with the carnal.

Know then, that Ronse and Polet came into the prison on Saturday afternoon, and summoned me before them. When I came to them, I asked them what they wished of me. They replied, "This will be told you." They inquired how old I was. I replied, "That I do not know; if you want correct infoJrmation on this point, you must ask my mother."

Ronse. "Tell us as near as you know."

Joos."Between twenty and thirty years." Then their clerk wrote, "Between thirty and forty."

Ronse. "When were you to confession last?"

Joos."Why do you ask this?"

Ronse. "I want to know it."

Joos."You did not have me apprehended? you well know how it is with me."

Ans."We do."

Joos."Of whom are you, or in whose name have you come to me?"

Ans. "In the name of God."

Joos."I don't believe this."

Ques. "Why?"

Joos."Because you have apprehended me, to find out how it is with me; for all whom the Lord has sent to go and teach, imprisoned no one; for He sent them out, and commanded them, that if they came to a place, and were not received, they should shake off the dust from their feet, and depart from there." Matt. 10:14.

Polet."You have doubtless read, that Paul delivered some to the devil." I Cor. 5:5.

Joos."Show me where Paul cast them into prison; this I want to know of you."

Polet."I don't know."

Joos."Why then do you undertake to quote Scriptures to any one, which you do not understand yourself? yea, more than that, to apprehend people, to bring them to the faith, even if your faith were good, which I do not hold to be the case, for I do not believe that you are from God."

Ques. "Why?"

Joos."Because the Lord says: 'I will have obedience, and not sacrifice' (I Sam. 15:22); and because ye do not obey Him."


Joos. 'Because Christ commanded to point the erring to the right way; now, you say that I have gone astray-why then did you not show me what is right? for I. seek nothing but what is right."

Ans. "For this purpose we have come."

Joos."Then you should have come to the place where I lived."

Ans. "We did not know where you lived."

Joos."You knew it well enough to send the bailiff."

Ans. "Had you been a good sheep, it would not have been necessary."

Joos."Christ left the ninety and nine, and went to seek that which was lost."

Then Ronse said, "Do you not believe that I am appointed your superior, by our holy father, the pope, and our gracious lord, the Emperor?"

Joos."I know no superior save Christ."

Ques. "How; don't you recognize the Emperor at all?"

I told him, that I was well content to have him be my superior according to the flesh. Then they wrote that I recognized no superior according to the spirit save Christ, and the Emperor according to the flesh.

Ronse then said, "When were you to confession last, tell me this?"

Joos."I do not wish to speak to you here."

Ques. "Why?"

Joos."I shall speak before the lords in full court.", "There," said they,"it would be at the risk of your life, if you should say anything of consequence. Tell me," said he,"what do you think of infant baptism?" Being urged to speak, I replied, "Nothing."

Ronse. "Yea, in what baptism then do you believe?"

Joos."I know of but one faith, and one baptism."

Ronse. "How long since you were baptized?"

Joos."Half a year, or thereabout." This they noted down.

Ques. "What do you hold concerning the Roman church?"

Joos."I do not hold the least article of all they hold."

This was also written down. They asked me so much, that I said to them, "I have freely confessed my faith, and am ready to go alive into the fire for it; hence be content that you know my faith." They asked a great deal. I said, "Go away from me; I regard you as enemies of the cross of Christ; hence, go away from me, for you know the ground of my faith, which I have freely confessed to you. Do therefore to me what you please; for it is through the grace of the Lord that I have these members, and I am also ready to give them up by the grace of the Lord, yea, to present them for His holy praise." II Macc. 7:11. They spoke much, but I said, "Go away from me, and come no more where I am, for you are against God. Matt. 12:30. Do you not fear the Lord? See what is written Matt. 13, concerning the tares of the field. Now since you say that I am evil, the Lord has commanded that it should be left to grow until the harvest."

Ans. "If we were to let it grow up, you would corrupt us all."

Polet. "Does not Augustine say"-

Joos."Don't speak of Augustine, for I do not know him; I hold no doctrine save that of the apostles and prophets, and of the words which our Saviour brought from high heaven, from the mouth of His heavenly Father, and sealed with His precious blood; for this I want to go into the

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fire; but Augustine, Gregory, Ambrose, these I know not."

Ronse. "Yea, do you not believe that our blessed Saviour is concealed in the holy sacrament?"

Loos."I do not believe this."

Ronse. "Where then is He?"

Joos."At the right hand of His heavenly Father, and He will at the last descend with the glory of His Father, to judge the quick and the dead. Fear this strict judgment, and amend your ways; put on sackcloth and clothing of hair; repent, and go to the people, whom you keep running after your false worship; warn them, for you murder their souls, since you say that you have the key of the kingdom of heaven, from the time of St. Peter, and that the same has always remained in your possession. Well does Christ say that you have the key, and that you will not enter yourselves, and those that desire to go in you hinder." Matt. 23:13.

Ronse. "Who baptized you? did Jelis the Baptist, baptize you?"

Joos."You know how it is with me; be satisfied."

Polet. "It was Adam Pastor."

Ronse. "Or David Joris."

I kept silent.

Ronse."loos, tell me who were your sponsors?"

.loos."I know of no sponsors."

Ronse. "Your witnesses?"

Joos."I have told you that it took place; hence be content therewith; for I have such confidence in the Lord, that I trust He will keep the door of my mouth so that I shall tell you nothing, though you should tear me to pieces."

They asked me a great deal. I said, "Go away from me; for you are not of God." They replied, "We are." I said, "Away! go away from me, go from me, and come no more where I am." Much more yet took place, but it would take too long to write it. Finally they went away, and I was led back into my cell.

On Sunday I was taken to the house of the judges where the court was assembled. There were also present there Salome, Sir Cornelis, Dean of Kestenne; Ronse, and Polet. I was placed in the middle, firmly bound and held by two thief-catchers. I said, "My lords, what is your wish?"

Ronse."This will be told you."

They then read the confession of my faith, which they had written in prison, and asked me whether I was still of the same mind. I replied, "Yes: I am still ready to go into the fire for it." Ronse asked whether I did not believe that Christ had taken His flesh from Mary. I said, "No." Then it seemed as though Sir.Cornelis would faint away; he blessed and crossed himself much, and all were horrified. There was a little discussion about it; but they, like dragons, breathed their poison into the judges, each taking a judge, and said, "True, it is written so; but he has not the understanding; the Scriptures want to be understood." And they adduced many far-fetched sophisms, and filled the ears of the lords, and asked me many sophistical questions. I said, "I have confessed my faith to you; be satisfied therewith; and I pray you, not that I am worthy of it, but by the crimson blood of our dear Lord, let me in peace; you have my faith, and hold me in your hands here; be satisfied, and do what you please."

Then Rouse asked me whether I had not been present somewhere, and adjured me three times by my baptism, that I should tell who was present. I told him that I would not tell him one word. Ronse said, "You have denied your baptism; Menno will take it ill, that you deny your baptism." I said, "My faith and baptism I know, but with your adjuration I have nothing to do; I thereby know that you are sorcerers." Then Polet said, "We may swear." I replied, "See Matt. 5, whether he does not prohibit swearing altogether." They said, "No." I said, "Yes." Then Polet looked into a Bible which they had brought with them, a large book, and it read there just as I had said.

Thereupon Sir Cornelis said, "The Bible is false; our Latin Bible reads differently." I said, "Do you bring false books to me? Why do you say it is false? And it is privileged-why then do you let them circulate with privilege, seeing you examine them?" He replied, "I did not examine them." I said, "Some of the learned men at Louvain." Then Ronse whispered to Sir Cornelis Roose and said, "It is true, they are examined, and were good, but the printer had a boy, who misprinted them, while his master was gone to town. Ronse asked me how it came that I so easily believed a man whom I perhaps would never more see, and suffered myself to be baptized by him; and that I would not believe them, whom I saw daily, yea, them who were present and had instructed me at this time and before, as they said, and why I would not believe my pastor, who daily preached the Gospel. I replied [that I did not believe him] because he was a liar, and that I had heard him preach that it could nowhere be found written that Mary was a mother and a virgin. But (he said) because their church taught it, therefore it had to be believed. Therefore, said I, I will not hear him, since I had read the contrary in Isaiah (7:14), and in Matthew and in other places. Having thus heard lies proceed out of your mouth, I after this heard neither you nor any other, and I hope by the grace of the Lord I never shall." He said, "No." I said, "Yes, and I offer my body to the rack, against yours." But he had no desire for it, and said, "What! should I go to the rack? You assert that our church is not good, because we are not blameless; are you blameless? There are such of your people that have committed murder, because men would not believe them, nay, would not adhere to their doctrine." I said, "Did you see this in me, or anything else that is unseemly? I am here in the hands of the judges, that they punish me for it." Ronse said, "We know nothing of this kind of you." I said, "Then don't tell me what another

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does, nor considers me bad on account of the misdeeds of others. No one is to bear, the burden of another; you are not to bear mine, nor I yours. The soul that sinneth, it shall die." Gal. 6:5; Exekiel 18:20.

Much more yet was said by them, but it is not worth-while to write it. They also said that Christ had said that the scribes and the Pharisees sat in Moses' seat, and that He had commanded us to do after their commandments, but not after their works; therefore, said they, do what we advise you, but do not after our works, since Christ teaches this. Matthew 23:1, 2. I asked, "Who did Christ say sat in Moses' seat?" Ans. "The Pharisees." I asked again, "Does this Scripture belong to you?" Ans. "Yes." I said, "Then you confess that you are of their generation?"

Then Sir Cornelis, the parish priest, asked me why I did not believe in one article of the Roman church. I doubtless believed that Christ was' crucified, which the Roman church also believes, which was certainly an article; and why I believed that Matthew's Gospel was gospel, which was nowhere written [he also said that]he would show me that Paul 'wrote before the evangelists. I then said, "Show me that Paul wrote before Matthew." Sir Cornelis said, "What have you to do with that?" I replied, "Should I have nothing to do with it? my life and soul are at stake, according to what you say." Sir Cornelis said, "He is overcome." I said, "Be silent, you are not worthy of being spoken to, and see that you do not say in my absence, that you overcame me, or that I have the devil in me, or condemn me among the simple people, and deceive them still more." Then Ronse said, "You are damned, if you remain so." I said, "Why?" Ronse replied, "Because you believe not." I said, "I do believe, and I adhere so firmly to my faith, that I would rather go into the fire, than transgress a single point."

Much more took place which would be too long to write. Finally I was led back into prison, where two shackles were put on me. I said, "I am ready, not only to suffer myself to be shackled, but also to die the most ignominious death for the name of the Lord." Acts 21:13.

On Monday Polet and the fat-monger came, and asked me how it was with me. I told them that it had never been as well, -for which I praised the Lord. They said that they were very glad of it. Polet then said, "Joos, how can your cause and your church be good-the Germans have a congregation, and the English have one; but where are the members of your congregation? You alone are not a church. Let us hear whether you are also a flock, and who your members are." Then said I five or six times, "Get thee behind me, and depart from me, Satan;" whereupon they both ran away. Then I said, "Now you speak; at the judgment another shall speak." Thus I saw them no more. I have heard that I am to be severely tortured; for they think to obtain from me all the particulars; but I trust the Lord, that He will keep my lips. Hence, pray the Lord for me, that He will succor me, for they thirst for much blood; but they can do no more than the Lord permits them. Therefore I commend myself into the hands of the Lord; and anything you may hear which is not in this letter, regard as lies. In token of the truth I hope to seal this letter with my blood. To this end may God give His grace, that His name may be praised thereby.


To the praise of the Father.

I, Joos Kindt, imprisoned for the testimony in Jesus Christ, entreat and admonish all dear friends, and all dear brethren and sisters in the Lord, with the grace of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, entreating by this grace, that they not only heed or live according to my entreaty or admonition, but that each (as I hope by the help of God) will heed the warning of the Lord, and that each endeavor to amend his sinful life, which I doubt not everyone does who fears the Lord with all his heart; for the Scripture says, "He that feareth the Lord will do good; yea, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom." Sir. 15:1; 1:14. Since then the fear of God guides' us to virtue, let us fear the Lord; for Christ Jesus requires this of us with His blessed lips, when He says, "Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but fear him which. after he hath killed, hath power to cast soul and body into eternal damnation." Matt. 10:28. Therefore I admonish you with these words, and not with them alone, but with the whole sum of the Scriptures, that each will strive to keep them (Luke 12:28); for Christ says, "Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock; and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the wind blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it." Matt. 7:24-27.

Therefore, let everyone strive to give diligence to take heed to himself, and to redeem the perilous time; for Paul says, "Redeem the time, because the days are evil." Eph. 5:16. Hence, make good use of the time, and exhort one another; for necessity demands it; and let each arm himself well, even as Paul admonishes us, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood." Eph. 6:12. Paul was right when he taught this. I well experience it now. The Lord be praised, who assists me so faithfully with these weapons, and, even as He promised to give us a mouth to speak, when we should be brought before such, has now opened my mouth, praise to Him, so

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that through the grace of the Lord I valiantly defend myself with the Word of my Lord, and have manfully resisted my enemies five times, not only my enemies, but the enemies of the cross of Christ, as you will hear further.

Know, that on the afternoon of the day called St. Thomas, in Babel, as I was lying in the cell I have always occupied, I saw and heard that carnal and worldly lords came into the prison, and also the chief bailiff. The servants then came and said, "Joos, come out." Then said I in my heart, "O Lord, open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise." Ps. 51:15. With this I came in before them. Then Ronse and Polet both lifted their caps, and said, "Joos, God. greet you," and nodded their heads to me. I also lifted my cap, saying, "I esteem God worthy of such greeting, yea, and more, I am ready to give back these members-which He has given me through His gracefor His name and to His praise; I deem the Lord worthy of so much; for He has deemed us of sufficient value in His sight to die a better death for us." Then the inquisitors said, "Joos, have you not yet considered the matter? Will you not yet desist?" I said, "Yes, always from doing evil. Why did you not ask me this, when I yet ran in wickedness, and practiced all manner of unrighteousness?" They replied, "You could have gone and heard the sermons." They also inquired concerning my faith, which I freely confessed. Then they said, "Speak to us, and tell us whether you have not yet considered the matter." I said, "I will not speak to you; for you are not of God; how should I believe in you? Christ died for me; in this I believe; but you would not, be willing to die for me; neither this dean nor that (there were two deans present, Ronse and Olymaecker); neither this curate nor that, would be willing to die for me. I am imprisoned for my life; set me free and die for me." Ans."Who teaches this?" I said, "Christ. He says: 'The good shepherd loves his sheep, and gives his life for his sheep.' John 10:11. You say that I shall be damned, if I persist in my purpose." Ronse said, "Yes." I said further, "It is surprising, then, that you should kill me; seeing, therefore, that I hold a purpose for which I shall be damned; let me go until I exchange it for a better." Ans. "We will leave you.""Yes," said I,"and deliver me over." Matt. 27:2. Polet said, "Paul delivered some into the hands of the devil." I Cor.. 5:5. I said, "So do you also; you have damned me; hence, be satisfied, without delivering me into the hands of the judges. Paul did not do so, nor did Christ teach it in Matt. 28 and Mark 16, where He says: 'Go, and preach the gospel to every creature.' Christ says not: 'Them that will 'not believe you, shut into cells, or put great fetters on their legs.' Did they all believe Christ, who heard Him preach? Did all believe the apostles, who heard them?" Rom. 10:16. Ans."No." Joos. "Were they put to death, then, who did not believe the apostles." Ans. "No.""How comes it then, that the apostles did not do this, and that you, who say that you are vice regents of the apostles, dare put us to death? even admitting that we were evil, as you say, but you have a better opinion of us, than you say?" Polet said'"That I will tell you

have you not read how Elijah put to death the priests of Baal!" I said, "Yes; and this is just what is wanting yet to subdue you; for you serve Baal even more than they did, and you carouse and banquet with Jezebel much more than they did?" Ans. "What does that concern you? You are always looking to our works." I said, "Christ has taught me to know the tree by the fruit, and says that a corrupt tree cannot bear good fruit, nor a good tree evil fruit," etc. And I further said, "Since your works are not good, I do not believe you to be good." Ques. "Are you good?" Joos. "You do not hear me say this; there is none good but God alone, and though we were to say that we are good, which we do not, you, on the other hand, say that we are evil, and this for the reason you told me when we were in the hall of justice, namely, that when men will not believe us, we kill them." Ronse."I say this yet." Joos. "Where did you see this in me; since you say that I taught the people? did I kill any ore or hurt a single hair, on account of my doctrine, which you say I teach as an opinion?" Am."We do not know anything of such a character of you." Joos."But I know such things of you; you burn or murder those who will not adhere to your false worship. You have justly judged yourselves in this matter." II Samuel 12:7. Ans. "This brings us no further; let us dispute about the faith?" Joos."I will not dispute here alone." Then they said, "Do you acknowledge yourself vanquished?" and would have delivered me to the judges, had I said, yes. I replied, "No; wherein have you overcome me? I have said it not once, but fifty times: Show me a better way, with the word of the Gospel, and I will renounce."

Ans."Let us begin then." Joos."Very well, before the hall of justice, near a big fire, and the one that is overcome shall be cast into it." Am."This will not be granted you." The under-bailiff then said, "You seek to make disturbance," Joos."You have made it by apprehending me; if you had let me work, Kortrijck would not be in the condition it is in now; it was not in such a state for seven years." Polet."You will not be taken there, and this for the reason that you may not spread your poison." Joos."You ought to come before the hall of justice, and the more people present, the. better, for if I have the lies, and you the truth-axe you ashamed of the truth before the people? Take me there, and show me that I am in the wrong, and you will stop the mouths of the people, and when you have overcome me, say: 'This is the man who has taught contrary to the Christian faith; we now prove to him with the Scriptures, that he is in the wrong,' and then throw me into the fire, and the people will be edified. If you will not do this, you are not willing that the people should know the

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truth." Rouse."You will not be brought thither to speak; when you are brought there, speaking on your part will be prevented." Joos."Why? the people have their five senses, and he that hath five senses, will hear whether I speak good or evil." Rouse."You will be prevented from speaking there." Joos."Do it then; put me boldly into a bag, and smother me by night, so that no one will see it; if He sees it, who searches the hearts and reins, enough people see it; and He will see it, and avenge Himself; I leave it to Him, for I am ready any way, to put off this flesh, whether in the fire or in the water, before the hall of justice or here in this fire (the fire on the hearth); it is not big enough, make it bigger."

They then again proposed' to me to dispute, and said that they were sent from God, and appointed His vice regents. I said, "This is not so; for you have bought your benefices, or they have been given you, or you have gained them by serving; but those whom God has sent, from the beginning of the world, have been sent differently." They said that they would prove it to me by the Scriptures, that they were sent. I said, "Prove it?" Am."This is it, that to Peter the key was given, and he was pope, and it was given to him and his successors." Joos."Show me, that anything is said there about successors?" Ans. "This will be shown you." Joos."Show me then?" Then Ronse read from a Testament, Matt. 16, from the place where Christ asks, "Whom do men say that I, the Son of man, am?" to where He says, "I will give unto thee the keys;" but there was nothing said about successors. He then said, "You have heard it, have you not, Joos? it is so long: I would read further, but it is too long a task?" Joos."I desire that you read on." Rouse. "How far?" Joos."To where it speaks about successors." Rouse."You have heard that he says: 'Upon this rock I will build my church.' Hence it is founded upon St. Peter, and he was pope." Joos."Christ is the foundation, as Paul says (I Cor. 3:11): 'Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.' But Peter is not the foundation, nor did Christ found the church upon Peter, but upon the confession of his faith where he confesses: 'I confess that thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God;' therefore, Christ is the foundation. But," said I,"let us speak about the key; you skip from the key to the church; you say that I run from one thing to another, stick to your text yourselves, and show me, as you have asserted, that Christ says: 'I give unto thee the key, and unto thy successors.'" They replied, "We shall show it to you. But listen, it is this," said Polet, and produced a sophism. I said, "You cannot satisfy me with arguments; show it to me in the book?" Then Ronse said, "We know it by heart, and so do you; hear us repeat it from memory?" I said, "Read it?" They replied, "Is it not the same whether we read or speak it? Joos, hear what I shall tell you?" I said, "Telling will not satisfy me."

When they would not read it, I addressed the chief bailiff, and Roegaergijs, and said, "My lords, I demand that you assist me in this matter, and compel them to read it; else I say that you are tyrants and not judges." Then said they,"Read it to him." Thereupon they read Matt. 16. Ronse read, and when he could not find it, he turned as white as a sheet, and then said, "It is not here." Polet said, "These words are not there, but the sense is in Matt. 28." He then read, "I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." I said, "This is not where he says: 'I give unto thee the keys, and unto thy successors."' Polet. "Would you have just these very words; they are not here; why make so much ado about it?" Joos."No, but because you will say you will show it to me." Rouse. "Be silent, you are not worthy to speak." Joos."Why should I keep silence, when you with your false mandates have brought about, that neither proctor, nor attorney, nor friend may speak for us; if you are not willing to let me speak, you ought to have let me remain in my cell; but I shall keep silence neither for you nor any one else; I am neither a thief, nor a murderer, nor a ravisher of women; why should I forbear speaking? I shall defend myself, because my life is at stake, and not keep silence as long as I can move my tongue; but do you N. keep silent; you are not worthy to speak, you soul murderers, you enemies of the cross of Christ." Again they proposed to me to dispute. I said, "Before the hall of justice, but not here." Am."You will not be taken there." Joos."Well then, do as you please; I have confessed my faith to you when I first came here, and I have told you more than fifty times before, and tell you again, that I think nothing of all your trumpery, nor of a single point held by the Roman church." Rouse. "Do you think nothing of the sacrament? Let us hear what you think of it?" Joos."An idol, a little flour; and if I had your oil, I would grease my shoes with it." Rouse. "We can hear that you are audacious enough."

Then a contention arose, and they thought to fall upon me; but I defended myself valiantly with the Word of the Lord, as behooves a servant who loves his master. And the Lord gave me such a mouth to speak, that for three hours I did not make one assertion, which they were able to refute. Then the incarnation was made the subject of discussion, which they would carry out to the dead letter. Matt. 1: The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David. Thereupon I said that in Matt. 22:41 it was written, "Then Christ asked the scribes and the Pharisees: 'What think ye of Christ? whose son is he? They say unto him the son of David. He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool? If David then call him Lord, how is he his son? And no man was able to answer him a word."' I also told them of the figure of Melchisedec, and the last chapter of

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Revelation, that He is the root of David; which they would not hear, but adhered to their dead text.

When I perceived that they would not acknowledge their error, I said, "If you want to speak of the incarnation, or of any other matter of the faith, come before the city hall." Then Polet said, "Who should judge there, who is right or wrong?" I said, "These good lords." Polet said"They do not understand the Scriptures." I said"They understand them well enough for you, to dispute here, or in the hall of justice; hence they ought also to understand them, to dispute in the city hall. And if they do not understand the Scriptures, then they ought to feel ashamed that they are judges in this matter, when they do not understand the Scriptures." So much was said, that as much paper as I could hold in my hand would not suffice me to write down all their sophistry. I commend all dear friends, and all brethren and sisters in the Lord, into His hands, and entreat them all, to arm themselves wisely, for it is necessary; and when they come as far as I am, not to engage in disputation, for, if it were possible, they would draw us away from the truth. Know, that I am of such good cheer, that it would be impossible for me to describe the joy or gladness I have, and I hope that the seal of this letter will be the putting off of my body. To this end, lnay the Lord give me His grace, that His name may be glorified thereby; for I seek nothing but the glory of the Lord. Nothing more; I commend you to the Lord, and to the Word of His grace. Pray the Lord for me; I will gladly pray Him for you also.

They say that Christ by origin is David's Son; If He be David s Son, He's not the Father's Son: For no one has two Fathers 'twere unnatural; He's God's only Son, and not creatural.

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